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This non-profit event was created and designed to raise awareness of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Such goals include; No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well Being, Quality Education, to name a few. These goals are aspirations for individuals and corporations to partake and contribute to transforming the world.


For more information on these goals visit:


A team consists of 5 persons and must include at least 1 female.


Teams can voluntarily participate as an Auxiliary Team with no Registration Fee. These teams are not eligible for the Grand Prizes. 


Teams that wish to compete for the Monetary Prizes, will be required to pay $125.00 per person. (Members of Police, Fire and the Defense Force pay $100.00 per person).

The Event

The event consists of a 6 legs. The first three legs are an actual Relay Event. The other 3 legs will more controlled and begin and end at the same time.

The Relay (Events 1 - 3)


1st Leg: Recycle - Spin Class

  • Location: The Fitness Center, Southpark, San Fernando.

  • In this state of the art Spin Room, bikes display calories burnt, speed, distance and intensity level.

  • Participants who reach a set target of calories burnt, will move on to pass the ‘baton’ to their next team member for the second leg of the relay.

PHOTO-2019-09-13-12-20-54 2.jpg

2nd Leg: In-Fast-Structure - Sprint

  • Location: Carpark, Southpark, San Fernando.

  • This 1.4 mile flat terrain run will take you along the San Fernando By Pass to the NP gas station at Rushworth Street.

  • Participants will then pass their ‘baton’ at the finish line to their next teammate to start the 3rd Leg of the relay. 


3rd Leg: Climb-it-Action - Sprint

  • Location: Rushworth Street, San Fernando.

  • This 1.1 mile run has a combination of steep hills and flat terrain. 

  • This person closes off the relay at the finish line. So be sure to have your strongest runner here!

  • Points will be awarded to the first three teams to complete the relay.

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 12.41.52

4th Leg: Zero-Hunger Games - Scavenger Hunt

  • Location: #28 Cipero Street, San Fernando to Skinner Park.

  • Starts at the beginning of the second leg of the Race. Members that complete the former events in the Relay can all join their team to complete the Scavenger Hunt.

  • All Teams will be given a Clue Sheet to find and solve clues along the way. Every team begins at the same time.

  • Once a clue is found, each team must post a picture on Facebook or Instagram of themselves either holding it or in front of it with the hashtag #COPOSTheChase.

  • Once all clues are found/solved, the first three teams will be awarded winning points.

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 12.46.41

5th Leg: Inde-Penance - Plyometric Exercises

  • Location: Skinner Park, Todd Street, San Fernando.

  • A series of body exercises will test your strongest/ fittest team member.

  • Points will be awarded to the top three teams.  


6th Leg: Co-operation Among Cooperatives

  • Location: Skinner Park, Todd Street, San Fernando.

  • This event will include activities among all team members that will be announced prior to the commencement of this event.

  • Points will be awarded to the top three teams.  

The top three teams with the highest points, will win the Grand Prizes.


NB. Shuttle Service will be provided for participants to meet their other team members throughout the event for those that require.

What's in your Package?

  • Drawstring bag

  • Digital Pedometer wristlet

  • Branded SDG Running Vest

  • Various Samples

NB. A medal will be awarded to all participants who complete the event.

Pedometer Wristlet.png

How to register online?


1. Click the link above and download the registration form.

2. Print, fill it out, and email to


3. Visit any one of our branches located at #36 Pembroke Street, POS or #79 Pro Queen Street, Arima, to pay the associated registration team fee, on or before October 4th, 2019.

4. Call our hotline at 280-7156 or 460-1175.

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