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Our loan portfolio offers loan facilities to cover a range of probable expenses.


The following outlines the loan application requirements:


• Two valid forms of Identification

• Utility Bill / Proof of address- authorization forms to be given in its absence

• Recent Payslip(s)

• Job Letter / Business Certificate- Certificate of Incorporation or other wise

• Supporting documents for loan

• Two valid references-name, relationship, contact, address


Personal loan:  


Home improvements, debt consolidations, investments and much more are all possible with a Personal Loan. This loan can be obtained against your share capital with interest calculated on the reducing balance. The duration of the loan and repayment is calculated based on the members loan request and borrowing capacity. 

Food Voucher:  


Our food voucher loan is a seasonal loan program used to take the pinch out of the holiday season. Members can use their cash in hand for other necessities while we provide our Food Vouchers worth of $3000.00, with a repayment period of ten months.


Cash Back: 

This investment loan allows you to borrow the equivalent to your shares at the low interest rate of 0.5%. The loan can either be withdrawn or reinvested into the Money Market account to gain the 2% interest rate.

Back Pay: 


Deposit your back-pay funds and double the amount within one week of your investment. Make sure to keep your pay slip as proof of the back-pay’s origin.


Get a “same day approval” loan designed for a rainy day. Apply for a maximum of $7,000.00 to be repaid over a period of one (1) year (this includes service charge and interest). The Shorty loan can also be refinanced after three months if needed.


Motor Vehicle:


Own your vehicle with a down payment of 10% for new vehicles and 25% for used vehicles. Additional requirements include:


  • Invoice for new vehicles

  • Vehicle search fee for used vehicles-$250.00

  • Valuation report for used vehicles

  • A Certified Copy of Ownership for used vehicles

Seasonal Loan:

Have a Merry Christmas, a Festive Carnival, a Holy Easter or prepare your children with “back to school” supplies with our Seasonal Loan Sales. Every facility is designed to suit your needs for every season. The loan amount is subject to changes and its details will be made know to the public when the season is near.  


N.B: The loan process begins after the approval of membership applications in cases of new applicants.

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Food Voucher
Cash Back
Back Pay
Seasonal Loan Sales
Motor Vehicle
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