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Share Account


Ordinary Shares:


Do you want to be an owner, accumulate long term savings, gain access to loans and annual dividends? Then the Share account is perfect for you! A Share account is a form of ownership and can be purchased at $5.00 per share, however, we ask that you get started with $100.00 and make affordable monthly contributions to increase your borrowing capacity and your life savings. This is your ticket to a financially secure future.  

Deposit Account


COPOS has many deposit accounts to satisfy the various financial needs of our members. Our deposit accounts allows you the opportunity to save your funds and withdraw at any time.  Unlike your share account, your deposits are not tied to your loans unless special arrangements have been made for such.



Ordinary Deposits:  


Our deposit account gives you the opportunity to save and withdraw your funds at any time WITHOUT CHARGE and at your convenience!


Fixed Deposits:  

Perhaps it is the down payment for your house, a wedding or your children’s education fund, you can save toward any long-term goal on your Fixed Deposit account while gaining 2% interest on your balance for a specific period.  


Vacation Deposits:


Save for your dream vacation by committing an amount to this account at a frequency convenient to you. Additional contributions can be made by standing order arrangements where funds are transferred directly from your salary to this account. You can also avoid credit default issues by depositing your lump sum loan installments to service your loans for the duration of your vacation.


Family Indemnity Plan:


“Insurance for those who love”-Insurance coverage is extended to yourself and five members of your family in the event of a passing.  Persons eligible for coverage are mother, father, wife, husband and your children up to the age of twenty-six (26) years old. Options are as follows;

Share Account
Ordinary Deposits
Fixed Deposits
Vacation Deposits
Family Indemnity Plan
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Money Market:


Earn a high interest rate of 2% per annum starting with savings as low as $500.00. Interest is calculated daily and credited to your account monthly with no fees attached.  Start your Money Market account today and watch your investments grow.

VISA International Debit Card 

Shop locally, internationally or even online with your COPOS Visa International Debit Card. Funds can be credited to the card upon request and can be withdrawn at any ATM machine without charge. Members can apply by simply providing 2 forms of identification, utility bill and $75.00.

Money Market
VISA Debit Card
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